At Arthur Murray Waterloo we want you to feel as comfortable as possible! No doubt you have many questions. Here are a few of the most common ones. Take a look to learn more about what to expect. Take advantage of our free first lesson offer to get started and feel free to bring any other questions with you on that first visit!

Do I need to have a partner?
Not at all! Many of our students come by themselves. We have students of all ages in every class. Your instructor will be your partner on your private lessons. In group classes and practice parties everyone dances with each other!

What should I wear?
Comfortable, informal clothing is recommended. Be casual but not too casual. We don’t encourage jeans, T-shirts, or sweats. They look unattractive on the dance floor. Ladies often like to wear light practice dresses that are easy to move in. Dresses allow the teacher to see if your legs are showing proper form (bent or straight at the right times), compared to wearing pants where leg lines are hidden from view.
Gentlemen are welcome to wear dress shirts and ties — this looks nice on the floor and will make your partner feel good about dancing with you — but open neck golf shirts or dress shirts are common as well. Gentlemen, please keep your shorts for the BBQ!

Footwear should be dress shoes that have leather or synthetic leather soles because rubberized soles stick to the floor and restrict your ability to move. Shoes should fit securely (no backless sandals), so that they don’t come off while you’re dancing.

But my husband (or boyfriend) doesn’t dance!
We hear this a lot. He is probably concerned that he’s going to feel self-conscious about not being good at it right away. Men like to conquer challenges quickly and dancing can be a big unknown, creating resistance. Settle his concerns by mentioning that all the other dancers in the class are also new at this.

While they may resist getting started, most men understand that women like a man who can dance, so they generally would like to learn. In some cases, it can help to take a few private lessons together first before going out in public in order to build confidence. Most men become quite comfortable and genuinely enjoy themselves once they actually try it and see that they can do it after all.

Why should I learn from Arthur Murray’s Waterloo?
Not only are we conveniently located, but you’ll enjoy the benefit of the proven Arthur Murray teaching system, which has taught hundreds of thousands of people just like you to be light on their feet on dance floors around the world. Our dance instructors are trained and certified through our professional training system, and continually upgrade their skills to stay current. Each of our staff coaches are known for their passion to dance and teach, as well as for their patience. Plus, they’re just plain fun to be around!

Will I need to compete?
Not at all! Some dancers like to compete, as a way of seeing their progress in comparison to others. Competitions are a vibrant, exciting part of the ballroom dance world but only a small percentage of ballroom dancers ever compete. Arthur Murray’s is all about helping you enjoy the world of social dancing and learn to be good at it.
But if you’d like to compete, we offer opportunities to do so through our Medal programs, showcases and Arthur Murray competition events.

Is classical dance training an advantage or disadvantage?
This is always an advantage. It’s a common misconception that ballet and jazz will “taint” or “ruin” your ability to learn partner dancing. This is not true. Just like university teaches you how to think (regardless of the subject area), dance training teaches you how to manipulate your body (regardless of the dance style). All dance training helps you develop balance, timing, and things like proper weight transfer. These are universal principles that apply to all forms of dance. In short, dance training will make you a quicker learner. Yes, you will have some habits to change but that is the case for all dancers, trained or not.

What’s the best way to get started?
Contact us for your  introductory dance lessons. We’ll evaluate your current abilities and help you understand where you should go from there in our comprehensive program. Start now!